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Engineer - STAVANGER 2 años 11 meses antes #13

Fishbones AS
Fishbones AS is a Norwegian technology company in the oil and gas industry. With headquarter in Stavanger, Norway and offices in 10 countries, Fishbones AS provide solutions to the oil companies on a global scale.

We are uniquely focused on cultivating innovation and finding solutions to customer's challenges by research, development and implementation of new technology.

In our drive to develop solutions, we foster external focus, imagination and courage.

Fishbones products are developed in close cooperation with clients for the purpose of further increasing recovery, increasing production and reducing cost.

Engineer ( 2132)

Engineer - Technology Development - Fishbones AS

Working for Fishbones, you will create instead of select, innovate instead of duplicate and solve instead of sell. We believe in teamwork with autonomy, working in the best interest of the customer and our vision of simplicity. Together, we redevelop reservoir stimulation to achieve goals on productivity, efficiency, safety and environment. We are looking for a mechanical engineer, that would like to take part in the technology development.

Job description
Project management, internal and external
Implement and qualify new technology in cooperation with customers and suppliers
Plan and perform tests with workshop personnel
Use of 3D Design tool SolidWorks: Design prototypes, test equipment, test set up, commercial equipment and tools
Technical support to sales, marketing, operations and supply chain
Establish and maintain processes connected to product development.

Experience from product development downhole tools
Experience with 3D designing, preferably SolidWorks
Structured and detail focused
Proficient in verbal and written English
Background in Petroleum or Machine/Mechanics is an advantage

Education field
Education title: Petroleum or Mechanical/Machine background

Education level
College / University, Master's degree
College / University, Bachelor's degree

Personal qualities
Innovative, self-driven, committed, thorough and proactive
Good technical insight and the ability to learn
The ability to find, solve and overcome challenges
Good communication skills


We offer
Competitive conditions
Challenging tasks in a multi-diciplined and glogal environment
Flexible labour hour

Miscellaneous info
Travel: Some travelling must be expected

Koppholen 9, 4066 Stavanger

Contact info:
Ole Christian Maaland, Partner/Headhunter, Ipeople AS, (+47) 90 10 37 05
Åshild Holst Johnsen, Partner/Headhunter, Ipeople AS, (+47) 97 06 29 64
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